Nail trends we’re all loving – even men

Whether it’s bold, delicate, edgy, or appeals to the growing masculine interest in nail art, here are some of the hottest looks to inspire your next manicure.

Gone are the days of the humble manicure, with loud and experimental nail trends becoming the standard.

According to one of Sydney’s leading nail stylists, Skye McIntyre, nails are on the easiest ways to show creativity and self-expression.

“I love doing nails as I know the whole experience makes someone feel confident, complete and happy and it’s something I can do for somebody that makes them feel special,” Skye says.

Here are some of this year’s coolest nail looks.


Men are embracing manicures, pedicures and general nail care by the droves, with celebrities like A$AP Rocky, Pete Davidson, Kid Cudi, and Aussie boxer Harry Garside among the adoptees.

“My dad told me girls don’t like men with dirty nails,” Rocky told GQ last year.

“He always had a manicure and pedicure, so by the time I was 15 or 16, I was getting manicures and pedicures.

“The nail art thing probably started in my late twenties.

“They always disassociate this with being macho, but I think seeing men push boundaries, especially straight men…I’m all for it; I think it’s beautiful.”

For men who are keen to take care of their nails without adopting anything extreme, a great starting point is to get a naked manicure.

This concept has the same filing, tidying and buffing associated with a traditional manicure, just without any polish.


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Butterfly nails

Nothing symbolises the Y2K aesthetic more than butterflies, which is why we’re seeing so many butterfly inspired micro trends at the moment, from butterfly tattoos and stickers to butterfly clips.

If you’d prefer a more subtle gateway into the trend, consider butterfly nails.

“I love it,” Melbourne nail technician and owner of VLuxe Nails, Vy Ha says.

“Butterflies have so many details and each nail artist is able to interpret that differently, so this trend has inspired a beautiful array of nail designs, from really intricate butterfly wings and colours to outlines filled with glitter or pigments.”


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Tattooed nails

Not nearly as permanent as it sounds, the tattoo nail trend shouldn’t be taken too literally.

The general premise involves delicate designs applied with a tattoo gun, but because they’re etched onto the nailbed rather than your finger, they will quite literally grow out, which is how it differs to a traditional tattoo.

For those who’d prefer an even less permanent option, a similar effect can be achieved with a black nail art pen to create delicate tattoo-like designs.

“I’ve researched this trend thoroughly because it definitely intrigued me,” Skye says.

“The tattoo doesn’t actually penetrate through to your nail bed, and they last until the nail is grown out, so this could be anywhere from 2-4 months depending on the speed your nails grow.”


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Dopamine manicure

If you gravitate to neutrals for most things in life, why not channel some vibrancy and creativity when it comes to your nails.

Whether it’s a solid block of colour, an ombre nail or stencilled nail art, the trend gets its name from the mood-influencing impact colour can have on your dopamine levels.

According to Vy Ha, a coloured French manicure is a great gateway into colourful nails for clients who usually stick to safe, neutral shades.

“There are so many designs and combination colours that can be done with a simple French manicure,” she says.

“As the base colour is a neutral, clients that are afraid to do colour are able to try different shades with the French design without it looking too bold.”

Half-moon nails

Best described as a retro trend with a twist, half-moon nails are also known as keyhole manicures or negative space nails.

The only downside of this trend is it can draw attention to any nail growth in between manicures, which is why people often leave the half-moon to be free of polish altogether.

“I think its super chic when paired with an almond shape,” Vy says.

“I remember blogging about the half-moon design back in 2011, but it’s a classic which is why it’s consistently trending.”


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Opal nails

A favourite among celebrities like Hailey Bieber, opal nails are one of the more subtle trends to take off this season.

Hailey’s approach to the trend involves getting a traditional French manicure, followed by dipping her nails into a chrome, pearlescent finish powder before her nail artist seals the look with a clear gel.

However, this trend can be recreated a multitude of ways and it simply comes down to personal preference.


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Written by Charlotte Brundrett