How to rock ’90s bombshell hair

Voluminous, bombshell blowouts are experiencing a revival this season and it’s never been easier to recreate the style at home.

It was only a few years ago that big ’90s style blowouts were reserved for Texan women and beauty pageant contestants, but thanks to TikTok and Gen Z’s obsession with eras before their time, it’s finally making a return.

The resurgence of the ’90s blowout has become one of biggest beauty trends of the season and given the hairstyle is both flattering and classic, there’s little wonder why it’s taking off.

So what’s the secret to getting the perfect ’90s blowout and can it be easily achieved?

We spoke with industry experts who shared their top tips and tricks.

“I am so excited to see the ’90s blowout making a comeback because it’s a very sexy, feminine hairstyle and it is relatively easy to achieve,” Agencie salon director Julia Brown says.

Hair colourist, stylist and owner of Have a Nice Day salon, Marie Cain, also appreciates the hairstyle and the transformative effect it can have on her clients.

“Hairdressers love the drama of a big blow out and it’s a gorgeous way to finish a style to make the client feel ‘done’,” Marie says.

“I have a few methods that are top secret, but my go-to technique requires some heavy twisting of the wrist and a traditional round boar bristle brush.

“While there’s a lot of modern ways to achieve the style, I actually love to use old school techniques to help achieve a classic effect.”

Layering is key to ’90s hairstyles

Even with the best products and styling tools at your disposal, the amount of volume and movement in your hair is largely determined by your haircut and whether it’s layered.

According to Julia, the true impact of a ’90s blowout comes down to how well cut and layered the hair itself is.

“The haircut is key to obtaining this look, with thoughtfully placed layers encouraging maximum movement and volume,” Julia says.

“I layer my client’s hair to reduce weight before enhancing detail of the haircut once the hair is dry; that way you can see exactly how the hair will sit.”

How to maintain your ’90s hairstyle

A common struggle with ’90s-style hair is maintaining the hairstyle and preventing the volume and bounce from dropping over the course of the day.

For this reason, Julia advises prepping the hair with suitable styling products.

“It really comes down to choosing products catered to your own hair type,” she says.

“For example, you may need extra lift through the root area or a smoothing, anti-humidifier through the midlengths and ends.”

If your hair struggles to hold a style, set the hair and allow it to cool before brushing it out.

“Once you have created your blowout, let the hair cool completely in its new shape before running your hands or a combing it through,” Julia says.

“After it’s cooled, complete the styling process and apply any finishing or texture sprays.”

Written by Charlotte Brundrett.