Good habits to support your immune health

Add these habits to your daily routine and help support your immune system.

The immune system is a complex network in your body that works to keep bacteria, viruses and other pathogens at bay.

With winter around the corner, now is the perfect time to look after your immune system health. And these simple daily habits can all play a part.

Habit 1: Get enough sleep

When we sleep, researchers have found our bodies produce a protein called cytokines, which target infection and inflammation.

Not only that, during slumber we’re also producing a type of white blood cell known as T-cells, which play a critical role in our immune response.

Lock in some good sleep hygiene habits like regular snooze and wake times, no screens before bed and a nice dark room.

Habit 2: Eat well to meet nutritional needs

What you put in your mouth can affect your microbiome (the trillions of micro-organisms that live in your gastrointestinal tract), your gut barrier function, inflammatory processes and white blood cells function, all of which can affect your immune response.

A diet rich in whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, fish and wholegrains is recommended in numerous studies, including a 2020 review by Italian and UK researchers published in the journal Nutrients.

Superstar nutrients vitamins D and C, zinc and selenium as well as herbs andographis and echinacea re useful in your immune supporting-arsenal.

Vitamin C, known as an essential nutrient because your body can’t make it or store it (meaning it’s important you get the right daily amount), can help reduce the duration and severity of the common cold.

Like fellow antioxidant zinc, it has also been shown to support a healthy immune system response.

And selenium is an essential mineral that works to lower oxidative stress in your body.

The powerful herb andographis can help decrease the severity of mild upper respiratory tract infections, while echinacea  is traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to help relieve the symptoms of mild upper respiratory tract infections and common colds.

Habit 3: Enjoy regular exercise

Winter may be the last time you feel like lacing up your sneakers, but if you’re needing motivation to break a sweat, let this be it.

A 2019 scientific review out of the US and published in the Journal of Sport and Health Science found that exercise can improve your immune response and improve overall health.

That’s in addition to supporting your mental health.

You don’t have to be super fit, we’re talking regular moderate exercise.

Habit 4: Reduce your stress levels

Stress raises your cortisol levels, which can impact immune health. It is also associated with higher levels of inflammation in your body.

Give yourself time out. Say 30 minutes every day, whether it’s yoga, going for a gentle walk, reading a book, meditation or whatever it is you love.

So there you have it – four fairly easy-to-achieve and so-worth-it habits for your immune health.

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