The key principles behind positive parenting

This is the key to raising children that are safe, healthy and happy, according to Chief Happiness Officer, Dr Tim Sharp.

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs going, with every parent wanting to do the best they can for their children (and themselves).

Too often, however, we focus on what’s going wrong, whereas research suggests there are many benefits associated with focusing on what’s going right instead.

That’s not to say we should ignore problems, dangers or risks (we should definitely protect against and help our children navigate and manage these challenges), it’s just that as parents, the balance of our attention should be on the positives.

So for parents who want to raise happy and healthy children, there’s much to be learned from the exciting science of positive psychology. It requires focusing more attention on our children’s strengths, rather than their weaknesses, as well as the positive steps they and we can take for them to live their best possible life.

In short, the key steps include creating meaning and purpose, learning how to live a healthy life, developing gratitude and appreciation, and building positive and supportive relationships.

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